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BBQ Chicken FajitasBy NickClean, healthy and fun meal! Guacamole, Salsa and Chicken stir fry. A simple yet super flavoursome dish. Who doesn't like fajitas? Great fun to cook and prep alone or with others. Feel free to add different ingredients along the way. Some people may prefer chillies in the guacamole.
Sirloin Roast DinnerBy NickSunday's are for Family, Relaxing, Walking and Roast Dinners. Here we have the most premium Sirloin Beef joint accompanied by the best beef dripping roast potatoes, honey roast parsnips & carrots, Yorkshire puddings and roasted onion. After your relaxing morning stroll it's time for action! (Make sure to get your Beef out of the fridge before your stroll 🙂 Is a Sunday complete without a Roast dinner?
Healthy Chicken PizzaBy NickThe no carb pizza! Nick makes his own high protein / no carb Pizza with a Chicken breast used for the base. This recipe is fun / healthy / high protein / no carbohydrates and super tasty.
Cheesy Minced Beef Pasta BakeBy NickSuper easy heart warming dish All the fundamentals of the perfect midweek dish - Quick, Easy, Heart-warming. Simple ingredients and not much washing up!
Spaghetti BologneseBy NickA true Italian classic made from scratch! The bolognaise sauce is prepared and cooked to create a rich, wholesome and deep flavour. The best 'Spagbol' recipe on planet earth. Mangiamo - ENJOY 😛
American PancakesBy NickFluffy and light with a hint of lemon Shrove Tuesday / Pancake day Crepes or Pancakes. What's the difference? Pancake batter uses a raising agent like baking powder, which causes the batter to rise into a heavenly soft pancake. Crêpe batter is made without any raising agents, which is why the mixture cooks into a thin yet tenderly soft French specialty. How do you like your pancakes? Bacon & Maple syrup? Fruity? Sugar & Lemon? Nutella? Savoury? Depending on your toppings make sure you have them ready before cooking your pancakes. Enjoy the perfect American style breakfast. 😛
One-pan Roast ChickenBy NickFor those lazy Sundays Sometimes cooking can be a chore. Whether your in a lazy mood, hungover or have a busy day ahead, this roast is perfect for all those occasions. Minimum washing up, quick preparation and cheap ingredients. Easy like a Sunday morning.
Chicken Caesar SaladBy NickHealth lunch, Light supper, Scrumptious snack? The most famous salad? A true classic. Perfect for many different occasions. Light lunch, Side salad, Healthy evening meal? Simple but so effective
Perfect Fillet SteakBy NickInsider chef knowledge you need to know The fillet steak needs no introduction. The most premium of all steaks. A few questions answered by our Chef: 1. Why is fillet the most expensive cut? A. The fillet is the least worked muscle - Meaning it is the most tender steak. It is cut from a cow carcase's tenderloin muscle, located towards the back of the rib cage. The fillet is also half the size of other cuts of steak (Sirloin & Ribeye) = All of these factors and more mean for the premium price tag. 2. What steak would a chef choose? A. Personally, I like a ribeye as the marbling and flavour runs through the steak. The fat creates the flavour. However I do change it up and enjoy Sirloin and fillet equally as much. It's all mood dependant! 3. How should steak be cooked? A. Steak should NEVER be cooked well done. You are effectively drying out the meat losing flavour and tenderness. Whether it be Rare, Medium rare or Medium as long as its pink in the middle you will enjoy your steak. For optimum quality I would recommend Rare or medium rare.
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