Bacon Breakfast RollBy NickStart your day off right with these simple but delicious bacon butties.A British staple, bacon buns are the ultimate breakfast meal.
American PancakesBy NickFluffy and light with a hint of lemonShrove Tuesday / Pancake dayCrepes or Pancakes. What's the difference? Pancake batter uses a raising agent like baking powder, which causes the batter to rise into a heavenly soft pancake. Crêpe batter is made without any raising agents, which is why the mixture cooks into a thin yet tenderly soft French specialty.How do you like your pancakes? Bacon & Maple syrup? Fruity? Sugar & Lemon? Nutella? Savoury?Depending on your toppings make sure you have them ready before cooking your pancakes.Enjoy the perfect American style breakfast. 😛