We love giving back to our customers, which is why we often host competitions where we give away some of our delicious produce for free. You can find a list of our previous competitions below – as well as hilarious jokes that our winners came up with to get their hands on the prize! 

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Our winners from 2022

Larchwood Free Range Bronze Whole Turkey

Christmas Facebook competition

The winner
: Richard Purser

The winning joke: “Did you hear that Eric Lyons Ltd now sell their produce worldwide? You can get their Christmas mince pies for £2 in Jamaica, £1.80 in Barbados or £2.40 in Cuba. These are the pie-rates of the Caribbean!”

The prize: A delicious free-range turkey worth £100

Christmas Instagram competition

The winner:

The winning joke: “Which of Santa’s reindeer can jump higher than a house?” “All of them, houses can’t jump!”

The prize: A succulent turkey breast worth £70

Free Range Boneless Turkey Breast (Stuffed / Bacon Lattice)
Christmas Dinner Pack XL

Christmas TikTok competition

The winner
: @foodies_of_brum

The winning joke: “What do snowman call their offspring? Chill-dren”

The prize: An XL Christmas Dinner Pack worth £45.99

Christmas Twitter competition

The winner
: Richard Gill

The winning joke: “What’s a mathematician’s favourite Christmas snack? A mince pi!”

The prize: A succulent Turkey Breast worth £70

Free Range Boneless Turkey Breast (Stuffed / Bacon Lattice)

Our winners from 2021

Benjamin Browning's Bronze Free Range Whole Turkey

Christmas YouTube competition

The winner
: Graham Wilson

The winning joke: “What’s the difference between snowmen and snowgirls? Snowballs”

The prize: A delicious free-range turkey worth £70