About Us - Eric Lyons

A family butchers since the 1800s

Our master butchers are the best in the business, with generations of our family passing on master craftsmanship in the art of preparing meat.

Every steak, joint and cut is prepared after your order is placed. Ensuring we get each item ordered to the exact specification you have requested. We’re masters of dry aging meat, this ensure maximum flavour and breaks down the enzymes to create the most succulent cuts.

As well as a quality butchery service, our super skilled Bakers make all our pastry for our handmade pies from scratch. Puff pastry, shortcrust pastry and sweet pastry is made everyday! Mixed, rested, rolled, pressed… It’s a true art. This is why we believe our pies are the best ever made. Marrying all of this with the highest quality meat and overnight cooking you can see why everyone agrees our pies and ready meals are the best in the business!

Like Great Great Grandfather Like Son

Our Beliefs

We believe in inspiring the next generation of butchers. The butchery industry is forever changing, finding new young enthusiastic people is vital. We have recently taken on 2 apprentices to help bring fresh youth into the business.

Learning on the job is vital and with the knowledge of our master butchers this is achieved. Our Master Butchers oversee all deliveries, maturing processes, ordering, stock levels… The whole team communicated every day learning new skills to keep us all on our toes. Never a dull day is had!

Award Winning

Here at Eric Lyons we pride ourselves on the masterful quality of our work, and are proud to say that this dedication to our craft has lead us to award winning status. 

Thank you to our wonderful team and valued customers who make these award nominations and sometimes wins possible.
We could not do it without you, so these awards and nominations are also wins for the community as well as wins for the shop itself. 


Say no to polystyrene and use sustainable options. We are forever researching how to reducing the amount of plastic we use to package our products. As you probably know this is much harder in the food industry. But the industry is forever improving and we are at the head of it. Woolcool (Lambs wool) is used to insulate our national delivery boxes. This doubles up as protection which saves pointless packaging. Cardboard is used to package our orders. Minimal packaging is used wherever possible. Each individual product is reviewed quarterly to become more sustainable as a company.

Eric Lyons is proud to announce we never dispose of any food! How?! Well as we butcher, bake and make everything in store our skilled team are always talking to each other. That mince has gone grey in the counter after one day – It’s now made into a mince & onion pie. Those bones the butcher can’t use are made into gravy. The braising steak cut badly by the apprentice – straight into our famous steak pies.


Our store is in the heart of the country. Our closest supplier (John from temple farm) is just 2 miles away! It’s a family farm that’s run for generations, much like our business and most of our suppliers.

All our suppliers and farmers work closely together to reduce needless orders (Communication is key). Keeping food miles to a minimum is especially important to us as its helps us reach our sustainability goals. (hyperlink to sustainability)


You order, we start production (Butchers and Bakers at the ready!). Once cut, prepared and baked we package in our Woolcool boxes. Dispatched to wherever you are in the UK, in most cases we aim to deliver within 48 hours maximum! The beautifully packaged and refrigerated box then heads to your door, with the highest quality produce ready for breakfast, lunch or tea.

With nominated delivery days as standard we can deliver nationwide Wednesday – Sunday, with free UK deliveries on all orders over £80. For those within our local delivery radius (5 miles of our shop), we can deliver for free on any orders over £30. Read our delivery timetable for more information on delivery days and order cutoff times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your common questions. For any other questions or queries please get in touch.

Where do you source your meat from?

We source our produce from a variety of premium suppliers. All red tractor approved, we pick the highest grade of meats to ensure a consistent product.

Do you make your own pies?

We hand make all of our pastry and pies every morning in our on-site bakery. We have been doing this for over 100 years, with recipes and techniques passed down over generations. Shop our range of handmade pies, delivered direct to your door nationwide.

Can I get your food delivered to my door?

Yes you can! We offer a free local delivery service to addresses within 5 miles as well as a nationwide delivery option that is free for all orders over £80.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Most of it is yes! We are working hard to make sure as much of our packaging as possible is recyclable and biodegradable.

How long will it take for my food to arrive?

We put you in control of when your order arrives. You can select the delivery date from the delivery calendar, and we will prepare your order and despatch it fresh to ensure it arrives on the day you have selected. All our parcels can be delivered within 48 hours throughout the UK. We also offer next day delivery to local customers within a 5 mile radius.

How will my order arrive?

All our meat and bakery products are packed to order at shop in Knowle, West Midlands, just for you.

When you receive your order from us, it will arrive in one of our cardboard boxes, which is made from recycled cardboard and is 100% biodegradable. Once you open your box you will find a Woolcool pouch made from recycled wool insulation. All the boxes we send out need to maintain a food safe chilled temperature, to do this you will receive ice packs within your meat box. These are totally food safe and can also be re frozen to use again.

We vacuum pack almost everything we supply; this keeps the products fresh and extends the shelf life. All of our vacuum pack bags are suitable for use in the freezer.

On the outside of every packet which you receive, you will also find details of the product, cooking instructions, the use by date and any allergens.

Where can I find information about ingredients and allergens?

All products have ingredients and allergens labelled on their packaging. Furthermore, allergen advice is listed on our website on each product page. If you have any questions, please give email us at [email protected].

Is your meat halal?

Currently none of the meat sourced by us at Eric Lyons is religiously slaughtered.