English Boneless Turkey Breast


Our fresh, boneless turkey breast from Adlington provides all the delicious flavour you expect on a smaller, bone-free scale. Sales of Boneless turkey breasts have overtaken Whole turkeys in the past few years, here are a few reasons why – Boneless, Easier to cook, no wastage, can fit in the oven, cheaper…

These are minimum weights and products will always be over the weight set. E.G 1.25KG breast will most likely be 1.4KG.

Best before date – 6 days. (This is an estimate. Official Use by / Best before dates will be on packaging)
Please note, this product is a Christmas-only product and cannot be delivered nationally. If you add it to your basket you will only be able to select a Christmas collection or local delivery.
  • British
  • Fresh
  • Best seller
  • Locally farmed
  • Ready to cook
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