“Meat” The Team

Our master butchers are the best in the business, with generations of our family passing on master craftsmanship in the art of preparing meat. We train all our staff in house to ensure our team is second to none.  

As well as a quality butchery service, our super skilled Bakers make all our pastry for our handmade pies from scratch, and how could we survive without our assistants on the frontline selling our produce at the counters.  


Our Shop Manager and Senior Butcher who has worked in our farm shop for 25 years! No one can beat Derek on his butcher’s expertise and experience in this business. 

“Interacting with customers and co-workers is the best part of my job, it means no day is ever the same at work! I also love working with such delicious produce, my favourite product must be our homemade vegetable curry. A fun fact about myself is that I’ve never told two people the same story about how I lost my finger! Ask me about it next time you are in the shop.” 


Tyler is our very skilled Pastry Kitchen Manager. Tyler has been with us for four years and is a trained chef. After working in the restaurant industry, he turned his hand to pastry and creates the pies, pasties, and sausage rolls that you all love.

“I love working at Eric Lyons because you feel like you are serving the whole of the local community. Nothing beats an Eric Lyons sausage roll! In fact, in my time here, I have handmade over 100 tonnes of puff pastry.”



Sophie is our attentive Deli Assistant who loves to work behind the counter of our farm shop. Sophie has been with us since 2017 when she started working weekends, and she loved it so much she has stayed with us. 

“The friendly team and lovely customers I get to work with and serve every day are the best things about working here. My favourite product is the steak, red wine and mushroom pie.”



The youngest member of staff at our butcher’s shop, James began his journey at Eric Lyons as a pot washer before enrolling as a Butchery Apprentice. He’s now been with us for two years and cemented himself as a key part of the team. 

“I love working with the rest of the team and really look forward to the staff lunch every day. Steak is my favourite food, and I’m yet to taste one better than our rib-eye steak!” 


Luke is our talented Butcher and specialist sausage maker! An expert in meat preparation, Luke has been serving our lovely customers for two years. He’s also the resident sign language expert in the shop.  

“The best thing about the job is being able to learn from experienced and skilled butchers. My favourite Eric Lyons product is without a doubt the t-bone steak!” 


James is our Ecommerce Manager (and occasional delivery driver) who’s now been with us for 18 months. Friendly and knowledgeable, James is always up for a chat with our customers. Finally, you can put a face to the voice at the end of the phone! 

“I love speaking to our lovely customers, and my favourite Eric Lyons product is our lamb and mint pie. I personally took over 1,000 orders over the Christmas period last year — hopefully everything ended up at the right house!” 



Jack is our longstanding Bakery Manager, having been with us for just over 3 and a half years.  Look out for Jack bringing out fresh sausage rolls next time you’re in store! 

“I love working with our great team and providing great products for our customers.” 




Bob has 62 years of butchery experience under his belt, having owned his own shop in Shirley for over 40 of those years. He’s semi-retired now but can never stay away for long.

Bob enjoys fishing, going for walks and occasionally treating customers and staff at Eric Lyons to a sample of his beautiful singing voice!

“I love being at Eric Lyons, they’re a great gang to work with.”