We’ve always had certain things we like done a certain way. And most of these have to do with making fresh food from the finest ingredients. Like our flour. We get it straight from the mill for our pies and pastries. And our meats, freshly supplied by reputable farmers with a keen sense of quality. Even our seasonal fruit and veg comes straight from local farms, and then goes right into our customers’ baskets and ready meals.

Eric Lyons Windmill

Because over the last hundred years or so, we’ve learned that great food starts long before anyone cooks it. So that’s where we begin. Dan, Nick and Dave regularly take trips to the farms, vegetable plots and flour mills where our produce comes from. This gives them a chance to check things are operating properly, see how they’re putting quality first, and have a chat with folks who share our passion for great food.

In fact, some of our closest relationships are with some of our closest farms. And along with our wider community of respected local and national suppliers, we know exactly where to go for good local honey, fresh golden eggs, and family-sized turkeys just in time for Christmas.

Eric Lyons Beef Farm

Once our hand-selected produce arrives in our shop, we can prepare it for our customers. This means expert knife skills in our butchery, some in-house home cooking for our pastries, pies and ready meals, and crafting a beautiful selection of fresh goods for our on-site and online shop.

By letting our love of good food guide the way we do things, we can tell each customer a bit of a story about every leg of lamb, kilo of carrots and hot pie they take home. So they know that if it comes from our shop, it comes from a good place.

Eric Lyons Butchers

Fruit &  Veg

Quality, seasonal produce. That’s what we look for when we head to the wholesale market every Thursday to pick fresh fruit and veg for the week ahead. Our pickers possess a trained eye and know exactly what to look for to secure the juiciest strawberries, plumpest tomatoes, and crispiest apples for our customers.

We have a long-standing relationship with Edward Alain Cook, our trusted wholesaler for delicious, locally sourced fruit and veg. They keep us informed of the latest developments in the farming world, so if there’s a sudden shift in supply we’ll always be ahead of the curve!


There’s no compromising when it comes to our turkeys, which are sourced from one of our favourite suppliers and true family friend Rod Adlington. We’ve been working with Adlington for over 30 years, and we’re still amazed at the quality of their bronze free-range turkeys to this day!

Adlington have been serving the British fine food market with premium poultry for three generations. Whether you’re cooking Christmas dinner or a Sunday roast, Adlington’s delicious turkey will make feasts with family and friends truly memorable.

Devotees of the field to fork philosophy, Adlington are innovators in free ranging farming and provide their animals with the best dietary and living conditions possible. You can learn more about Adlington’s progressive approach to animal welfare in this short video.


There are few things in life we love more than a first-rate steak. We know our customers feel the same, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure every cut of beef we sell is of the very highest quality.

Our visits to Thomas Fell’s cattle farm in Settle, a charming market town in the Yorkshire Dales, are always something to look forward to. Below, you can find a few photos from a recent trip to the farm with Thomas Fell and Jonathan Finnegan, our client relationship manager at Dunbia.

We source all our beef from Dunbia, a British supplier that shares our commitment to providing the best meat products on the market. Each week, we call Jonathan to discuss the best seasonal cuts and place our order – but only once we’ve sussed out his thick Irish accent!

With over 40 years of experience producing high-quality British beef, Dunbia sits at the forefront of the cattle farming industry, operating with the strictest standards in regard to animal welfare, food safety and product quality.

Through our excellent relationship with Dunbia, we’re able to select a wide variety of cattle breeds each month from over 1,000 farms in the UK. It’s the reason why our steak fillets, sirloin joints, and beef burgers taste as good as they do!

Check back here soon for more updates, interviews and insights into our suppliers or as we like to call them our extended family